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Han Beyli and DJ Fateh go live with Azercell!

Our compatriot, the young composer and performer Han Beyli currently residing in the USA, met his fans on Azercell's Instagram page

Supporting promotion of profound Azerbaijani culture during all those years of operation in the country, "Azercell Telekom" organized a live broadcast with the participation of the young composer Han Beyli and DJ Fateh on the company’s official Instagram page on June 29,2022. Han Beyli shared his story behind his career as a musician and answered the questions of the popular host DJ Fateh in the program under the title "Let's listen to music and talk". The young singer successfully synthesizing Azerbaijani and world music performed his own compositions during the live session. In addition to Han's fans in Azerbaijan, viewers from America joined the live broadcast and supported the performer with their comments.

It should be noted that earlier, on the occasion of Novruz holiday Azercell organized Han Beyli’s concert in USA in March of this year. Han Beyli, who promotes our national music in the United States, is known for his works representing Azerbaijani mugham in synthesis with jazz and ethnic music. The young musician and composer has initiated numerous projects with famous artists, managing to attract the attention of listeners from all over the world with his melodies that transcend traditional stylistic boundaries.

You can follow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYAZbkBX3es to listen to the latest composition of young composer Han Beyli.



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