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Other news

Azerbaijan supports development efforts in Afghanistan

As reports Finance Time, referring to the “E-Azerbaijan.info”,  Azerbaijan International Development Agency (AIDA) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan has allocated 150,000 USD in support of development assistance to Afghanistan. This contribution by the Government of Azerbaijan will be channeled through the UNDP.

Azerbaijan is a rapidly developing economy. The country is currently efficiently utilizing modern technologies and advanced management tools. In the meantime, while pursuing development goals in-country, Azerbaijan is also actively supporting global peace and security efforts internationally. Sustainable economic development and efficient civil service systems are integral part of such efforts.

The future of Afghanistan is of particular importance for both global and regional stability and Azerbaijan is cooperating with key international partners inassisting development of this country and resolving multiple,Afghan-specific challenges. Having repeatedly expressed its commitment to support the efforts of the brotherly nation to build a better future, Azerbaijan is also pursuing a number of specific initiatives in this context. Following statements made by the country's leadership at a number of top level events  focusing on the development challenges of Afghanistan, including a statement by the President  of Azerbaijan H.E. Ilham Aliyev made during the NATO Summit on Afghanistan in May, 2012 in Chicago, Azerbaijan has offered its experience to respective Afghan Government institutions. Afghan officials have studied best practice of the Diplomatic Academy of Azerbaijan, the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies, the State Customs Committee, the State Oil Fund, the Azerbaijan Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, the Civil Service Commission under the President of Azerbaijan, State Oil and Gas Company, and State Social Protection Fund. Following fruitful discussions with senior management of the above mentioned institutions, a number of joint initiatives have been launched and are actively pursued both in Baku and Kabul.

In the view of the above, the recent decision of AIDA to provide assistance is a logical continuation of this cooperation. This decision proves Azerbaijan’s determination not to limit itself to simply sharing its experience but also to join the club of donor nations supporting peace and stability efforts in Afghanistan. This initiative by AIDA, implemented jointly with UNDP, is appreciated by both the Afghan Government as well as other countries and international organizations supporting Afghanistan reconstruction and development efforts. It is hoped that AIDA’s contribution will be utilized for supporting efforts by the Government of Afghanistan to pilot E-Governance initiatives in several areas. This is linked directly to the successful experience of Azerbaijan in harnessing the E-Governance potential for development including several projects implemented jointly with UNDP in the past. Afghan counterparts have expressed their special interest to Azerbaijan’s experience in this area during the meetings of the Minister of Communication and Information Technologies of Afghanistan,Mr. AmirzaiSangin with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan, Mr. ElmarMamedyarov and Minister of Communication and Information Technologies of Azerbaijan, Mr. Ali Abbasov which took place in Baku in 2012, and look forward to continued cooperation in this regard.


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