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Baku hosts next SHE Congress

The fourth SHE Congress took place today at the JW Marriott Absheron Baku hotel in a large-scale international event that brought together businesswomen from Azerbaijan and other countries and was attended by more than 300 participants. This year's program has introduced people and topics that, even in times of great challenges, changes and transformations, are able to inspire those who were in attendance, and on stage, and those that open to novelties.” The 44-day war and the role of women in Azerbaijan’s victory, financial management, education at any stage of life, the role of women in the management of organizations and many other topical topics of current interest were on the agenda of the event on May 18, 2022.

In his opening speech at the congress, the chairman of the board of Azerbaijan’s Small and Medium Business Development Agency (KOBIA), Orkhan Mammadov, said:

“In general, the development of women's entrepreneurship is among the priority issues for the Agency, measures are being taken to develop women's entrepreneurship and increase the number of women among SMEs (Small and Mid-size Enterprise). Women who want to start their own business and become entrepreneurs can take advantage of KOBIA's support and services.”

Chairman of the Azerbaijani parliament’s Committee for Family, Women and Children Affairs, Hijran Huseynova, who has been dealing with the problems facing women in society for many years, noted the importance of the comprehensive development of modern Azerbaijani women.

“Yes, we always say that the main core of our society and state is the family. But if we are talking about gender equality, we must work to get rid of discrimination between women and men. Family responsibilities can never prevent a woman from working, studying or asserting herself. Vice versa, a woman develops by having the support of her family. An economically independent, educated, active woman can make a worthy contribution to her family and society. Together we must help women believe in themselves and support others,” H. Huseynova said.

Dr. Jaidev Singh, USAID Mission Director in Azerbaijan, said that women's economic empowerment is one of the most important tools that can contribute to Azerbaijan’s overall growth. 

“USAID supports the development of women's business and professional associations and entrepreneurial potential and promotes their importance in business and the workplace to press ahead with the economic reform agenda. When we talk about women's economic empowerment, we're talking about equal access to and control over resources, including finance and knowledge, as well as access to worthy jobs and general employment on a par with men. We believe that women entrepreneurs can be an important driver of the national economy.”

Tatyana Mikayilova, entrepreneur and founder of SHE Congress Baku, laureate of the “Tərəqqi” medal for her contributions to the development of women's entrepreneurship in Azerbaijan, highlighted in her speech the importance and value of increasing the number of women at different levels of decision-making for all areas of the society’s functioning. She noted that the systematic development of women's potential is an investment with a high and stable ROI.


The partners of the event were KOBIA Azerbaijan, USAID, Crimson Education, PASHA Bank and BOSCH Home.



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Member of Supervisory Board of AccessBank Azerbaijan
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Writer, Associate Professor of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Russia), the author of over 40 research articles and six books on innovative technologies, facial recognition and programming.
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